Sunday, 26 May 2013

Semi Natural Hair

I've been on and off on braids  for about an year now can't remember the last time i retouched my hair as a result,my hair sought of grew out of the relaxed hair (not completely though)had a massive growth and i thought of trying something new

what i did:

Washed my hair using gliss shea cashmere shampoo

Available at Nakumatt
Conditioned my hair with miadi conditioner and deep conditioned using Lorys

Then used Motions leave in to keep my hair wet and soft

And finally used coconut oil to seal moisture and do my twist-outs that stayed overnight

Though i still think natural hair needs alot of care and time to deal with i have nothing against natural hair....

Shea butter is also great stuff for anyone transitioning though i haven't yet seen alot around cosmetic shops around Nairobi but heard that shea butter can be found at Healthy U stores(T-Mall,Sarit Center)

Alternatively i saw this at Ebrahims & Supercosmetics and i thought why not forget the "For Kids" part and its much cheaper & comes with a shampoo if you buy at Ebrahims

What's your thought on natural hair?
Do leave a comment below


  1. Haha, the hair actually looks natural-just slightly texturized! It suits you very well though!

    1. hehe thankyou Brenda,i actually got bored and relaxed it again LOL,think i'll go completely natural when i'm ready

  2. your hair looks lovely. But natural hair is definitely more taxing to take care of. I'm on my way transitioning

    1. Thought so needs a lot of care but with the right products and care it does work:)

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