Sunday, 21 April 2013

Geek, Animal print& Colour


I finally got time to get my outfit post done ,super excited......Here are the photos tell me what u think about this outfit.

Had fun taking the photos and trying out different effects,the photos were too many had a hard time choosing which ones to put:).We had a mini photoshoot around the compound which was dug out recently, i tried hard to avoid my shoes sinking in mud!

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Saturday, 20 April 2013


Hey readerz;

I am one person who experiments alot when i have my braids on and i get people asking how did you do that?guess it's because i watch lots of tutorials just to get an idea of what i can come up with.

Braids are soo cool because there is alot you can do with them trying different styles.Here is one of the styles i am currently rocking;


Front View

Side View

You can also  drop the bun and hold the braids down on one side!
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Thursday, 18 April 2013

Freaks!!! & Shakes

Hey Readerz;

So today as i was walking to school in town,i got a text message  from a friend of mine who i was supposed to meet,it did'nt make sense for me to text while crossing the road so i had to pause to cross.

Just as i had crossed the road i stepped on something hard and slippery when i was texting my friend back so i was'nt really looking down but then i wondered what that was i had stepped on after i had just moved a little bit away from the spot,and i noticed some guy looking at my feet strangely and i had to look down you wouldn,t believe what i saw! it was actually a live grey snake still alive and crawling i watched as it crawled........

.I cursed! i did'nt even have time to scream LOL maybe because i had not even noticed it and the guy kept on looking at me as if to confirm if it bit me haha........ How and Where  was a snake coming from in the middle of town WEIRD!

But it wasn't thaaat big it was just thin and long i was in shock!

But i still afford a smile haha

Its midnight in here gotta sleep!:)

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

My Hunt oN UniQue Earrings

Hello Readers,

I know its been long, I've been caught up with a lot of school work and i hardly get time to take much photos but I'm almost having  my holiday soon still got my end semester exams coming in 2 weeks ......i will be having lots and lots of  exciting posts coming ;)

I don't know where my liking for bigger earrings went to but lately i prefer studs to hanging ones,old age? lol i really don't get it but i used have a thing for hanging earrings and had the habit of buying new pairs every week, i know most ladies are into buying lots and lots of shoes but earrings  are  sort of my  thing.

I can't stop buying studs of late,i plan on getting unique pairs rather than the normal boring is what i've bought so far...............

French horn studs,:) couldn't stop taking photos of this lovely ones;

sorry about the blur photos my cam was acting up!

Something fruity to go;

Safety pin shaped stud with star detail;

African Print Button studs;

Will be posting my next new batch soon!
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