Tuesday, 9 July 2013

My Simple Skirt Self

Well,this is just but a quick post,I've been having so much on my plate lately that i hardly get my free time with all the school stuff and the rush........

I wore this outfit to school and i remember how i was too hungry & tired to pose i was from a 3hr draggy afternoon class(some lecturers just enjoy extending).

My pal was fascinated by my look that day and insisted on taking my pics.I only managed to get two nicely done photoz,the rest didn't quite impress me

Here are the pics,just a blue skirt,cream top and simple sandles finished off with my brown cross-bag and my neck piece that i really treasure:)

Tell Me what you think of this simple look
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Monday, 1 July 2013

Daily Routine

I've never really been the make up type of girl at all.... infact i once told my mom who is a fun of make up that i will never wear lipstick but with all the red lips am seeing this days i actually found myself buying lipstick.

I'm not quite cormfortable just yet wearing lipstick i do apply at times but end up getting bored and wiping it off before the end of the day hehehe

They say every girl should atleast have a routine for taking good care of her skin well, this is what i do everyday.....

-I have struggled with  acne since i was in highschool but atleast i've  seen a  change and i have slowly outgrown it,not that my face has become perfect i still get break outs.

My mum recently bought me this Neutrogena cleansing soap for acne prone skin which is basically for oily skin and it works wonders i would highly recommend it for anyone with oily skin,my face feels sooo clean  and less oily when i use it.

I use it twice daily
Available at Super Cosmetics at around 700bob
Though i'd still complain about the price because of it small size

I use Tea Tree Creme to moisturize.......i actually use it on my face and the whole body as well.....its a great use also available in Cocoa Butter

Available at super Cosmetics at  600 bob

For my mini make up and shinny nose, i use Veryme foundation and no time for shine powder both are Oriflame products.i don't use the foundation daily but when i do,i only apply it in areas where my skin tone is uneven.

Available at Oriflame
Alternatively,i use st.Ives blemish fighting for cleansing
Also available at Super cosmetics or Uchumi

A lil BitOut of Topic
Had to Share this!
Such shoes exist hehe lol Came across them when surfing

What's your Daily Routine?
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Dressing without showing your big belly

Want to dress great without showing off your pot belly?Here are tips;

1.Avoid tight clothes and short tops.Tight clothes press your tummy  making your tummy spread along your waist line the muffin top type style

2.Invest on high waist jeans and skirts designed to hold your tummy firmly.Free flowing skirts that can also be worn on the high waist are also great as they don't show your pot belly.Try high low skirts/ dresses,maxi dresses that are also free flowing from the waist and can also be worn a bit from the belly.

Wear Highlow with a top that can be tucked in loose
and not with a short top

Free flowing  high waist skirt from one of my favourite blogger

3.Avoid outfits that finish and begin halfway across the stomach, thus drawing more attention to the area. Layering a longer piece of clothing (blouse or T-shirt) underneath a shorter one will also give the illusion of a flatter stomach. A long scarf will also have the same effect.

4.The same single color block top and bottom will smooth and extend the body's overall silhouette and make a belly less pronounced. Add a contrasting colored coat or jacket over the top. Darker-colored clothing worn against the stomach will accentuate a bulging belly less. That doesn’t have to mean black, however, blue, charcoal gray, purple and burgundy are all stylish winter colors that pop.
Draw people’s eyes away from the stomach by wearing wide open necklines or detailing around the top half of the body.-By Boyendowed.

5.Avoid trousers that have big pockets and prefer the ones that have lateral zips. This will help you to hide your big tummy

6.Wearing a wide elasticated belt will  prove support for the stomach and provide you with a waist. Wear them over untucked tops.You can also tuck in loosely if you want to tuck in and still look great too

7.Avoid wearing jeans and trousers that are tight at the hip area and outsized at the base.

8.try  tummy trimmers/body shape wears that are worn inside to press and shape your body cormfortably.

you can still rock tights/jeggings but with the right flowy top

pic from

9.Get a nice fitting bra.A nice fitting bra creates a reasonable space between your bust and your tummy.