Wednesday, 4 February 2015


Well, I’m not a makeup junky but I could go on and on about eyebrows J- am a big fun. Getting my eyebrows done, some foundation  sums it all up, I do find bushy eyebrows  disturbing :).My eyebrow routine is pretty much simple I use Davis eye pencil to shape and fill my brows and finally use my sleek hide it concealer in color no.3 which is a shade lighter to outline all round the brow for a sharper look. I get my eyebrows done at   a salon in Diamond shopping mall and the guy does a good job.

I recently got this Milani Brow Fix Kit at Super Cosmetics, couldn’t wait to try it. It comes with Two shades of brown for filling the brows and a highlighter for highlighting around the brow, two small   brushes for filling and shaping, a 3x small mirror just to get a better view of your brow plus a mini tweezers. I would recommend it for something different, It’ s easy to use, lighter and the highlighter worked so well on the brows no need highlighting with a concealer. Though I feel the set should have been a bit bigger, I find   it too small for its price ( Bought it at 950Ksh) but it’s most def good quality.

What's your eyebrow routine? Would love to hear from you :)