Saturday, 1 December 2012


December is finally here and X-mass just around the corner this year has really ended fast don't you think.....i feel i need a nice cozy holiday just for relaxing myself you know, the beach kinda thing thats what i mean.

I hope to do more awesome posts this month i've bought quite alot of new stuff and i've been doing alot of impulse buying of late......"if u were a millionare , u would be a serious shopaholic" says Valerie haha anyway this is what i wore one Monday to school

uuuuuh i loved the ruffled  chiffon top bought it at some random guy in town & paired it with my new white low heel that i bought at only 200 bob & were in a very good condition was actually shocked too good to be true twaz at nyt though.........................

Somebody has grown thinner Oh my!

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