Monday, 24 June 2013

Celebrity Look

Somehow, I haven't had time to take outfit pics lately but am hoping i'll be doing that soon!blogging is not so easy after all............anyway today i'm going to post a celebrity look that i always admire........Zooey Deschanel i know her from the series New Girl and i've always thought she somehow looks like katy Perry and we all love her cute colorful dresses,flirty skirts and her almost preppy looks not forgetting her geeky cool looking glasses here are some of her spotted looks......

Sunday, 2 June 2013


A bit on the shows side.Anyone whoz a series junky like me?? i love watching when i discover something with an interesting story line here is what Edna loves to watch;:)

Love suits,love the way these two guys are all suited up and all confident in what they do:)

My all time favourite FRINGE...loved it to bits though i never liked the ending and the fact that it ended!

And Nikita the all toughed up lady...... love the action&drama in this

And Touch With only 2 seasons it was really short! but Interesting

And Orphan Black,I love thiis! and the kasima dredlocked  version....The Clones part of it too:) Great watch!

The following:The serial killer is a freak! geez!like the story except the killings hehe

And Finally to Comedies:
The list continues but here are just a few of my favourites

LOve ThiS:)Too funny not forgetting jess's fashion sense
that i will be blogging about soon

And ofcourse The Big Bang Theory;

And locally haven't watched too many Kenyan Movies but there's one i would watch again & again-Nairobi Half Life

What are your favourite T.V Shows/series/movies?
Any other interesting ones you know?
Do leave a comment would love to hear from you:)


Happy New Month readerz;

Last month a fashion blogger started a group for fashion bloggers and fashion lovers as well in which i am also part of,we decided to come up with atleast an outfit challenge for every month to encourage more blogging and share our fashion thoughts

Last month's challenge was Stripes,i really wasn't able to get quite good photos infact,they backfired hehe i only managed to get pieces so i sought of did a throwback of some old outfit post i did on stripes

Here are some of the photos i took;

And Below a Throwback:
Tell me what you think
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