Friday, 11 May 2012

ThE Skirt- PART 1

Am not too much of a skirt person but am learning to wear them slowly i find them flattering when i see others pairing them with cute tops and belts.......i tried 3 different looks didn't look too bad like i first i even thought the skirt looked funny but guess i fitted it when my stomach was really full after lunch but i later found it okay think i'l buy many more others....bellts are so good with skirts especially the pencil skirt they make the waist look smaller...especially to those with potties ; ) coz it hides them a bit especially when you wear high waist...short skirts look better with tights,stockings,leggings whichever unlyk with longer short i mean slightly above the me i find it uncessary to wear tights,or stockings with long is what i came up with;

Tried xo hard to make the pics go straight dont know wots up nqt!!!!!

blue top-town   

bought the striped shoes at 300/= baab in the streets of Nairobi..

BLUE AND RED great combi 4 nyt out

Blue top-150/=.....Ngara
Pencil Skirt-250/=......Ngara

My fav look Simple and very Chic;

White tee-----Ngara
Brown belt----Courtesy of Mom
BlackDoll shoes-ngara

Saturday, 5 May 2012

Old is gold

The sun was a bit out.....decided 2 wear bright colours,bow tied multicolored scarf and paired it with some very old brown bag which i got from a box of old stuff..........white trousers though i fear white trousers because of dirt...........& yellow white top,brown shoes...thot the bag looked cool and unique though its an old piece anyway most outfits that were worn back then are coming back into trend
Who thought tights, minis, plastic shoes and e.t.c would be worn again.Kitambo,kangas(african prints)were known to be old fashioned but today we see ladies and even men making use of tailors and designers to come up with very stylish outfits-african prints incorporated into mordernized  trends .Guess fashion is repeting itself but in a more trendy way like the  harem pants among others

 Old brown bag.....

Some of the best designers in africa with african print designs luuuv them...........

Below,Black Bird Designs;