Wednesday, 4 February 2015


Well, I’m not a makeup junky but I could go on and on about eyebrows J- am a big fun. Getting my eyebrows done, some foundation  sums it all up, I do find bushy eyebrows  disturbing :).My eyebrow routine is pretty much simple I use Davis eye pencil to shape and fill my brows and finally use my sleek hide it concealer in color no.3 which is a shade lighter to outline all round the brow for a sharper look. I get my eyebrows done at   a salon in Diamond shopping mall and the guy does a good job.

I recently got this Milani Brow Fix Kit at Super Cosmetics, couldn’t wait to try it. It comes with Two shades of brown for filling the brows and a highlighter for highlighting around the brow, two small   brushes for filling and shaping, a 3x small mirror just to get a better view of your brow plus a mini tweezers. I would recommend it for something different, It’ s easy to use, lighter and the highlighter worked so well on the brows no need highlighting with a concealer. Though I feel the set should have been a bit bigger, I find   it too small for its price ( Bought it at 950Ksh) but it’s most def good quality.

What's your eyebrow routine? Would love to hear from you :)

Thursday, 8 January 2015

Back to It

Happy New Year 

I must say i almost gave up on the blog this was  until someone challenged me to start writing it up again and i finally got my mojo back  & i'm back to it :) .

I went with a black and white dress with pink strappy heels.I was so excited when i finally got the exact pair i was looking for and i  absolutely loved the color.

I got the dress while in a  rush looking for something to wear for my graduation and this was somehow last minute,i just realized how much i  hate going  round& round looking for an outfit or anything else & i don't quite get it at the right time.I feel its good to always have  specific sellers who can sought you out anytime without dissapointments .Have a shoe guy,dress guy,furniture guy or someone for anything else you might need in  future.

the pics for my look;

Don't mind the  quality of the pics...still working on it!:)

Dress-Imenti House, Strappy Heels-Mbogo House Moi ave

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Thursday, 5 June 2014

My Mini Version On FAFA ( Festival For African Fashion & Arts)

By now,everyone has probably heard of FAFA event that went down last Saturday,It was Amazing:)...I got the chance to work backstage as a volunteer dresser , despite the running  up and down getting things done & getting all tired  it was a nice experience are some of the pics i managed to take

SET UP..............
Set up before the show...........

The Amazing Oval where it went down,Such a beautiful building.......................

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A picture of  The Gift Bags for the VIP's we were packing...............

The VIP section looked Awesome................

Backstage At some of the designer's Outfit section.........................

Backstage Getting Ready,It gets a little crazy everyone up and down getting outfits ready...................

We could see the runway screen  from backstage,with models doing there catwalk .......................

Below,Me and my model for the night ,Doris all glammed up before the last catwalk................

Some of the Amazing Designs ;
PHOTOS BY: RadekArt Photography


What i Wore;
I didn't quite get the chance to get my own pic of the full outfit i wore,i somehow got too jumpy,And up and down mostly,But here is a glimpse of what i wore.

I decided to have a little bit of fun with my outfit,so i mixed prints,i did a Black & White Polka Dot Crop Top & a Square Print Pencil Skirt & finally low heeled pointees.....

 Some of the Backstage crew members..............
PHOTO BY: Eye-Con Photography


And Finally,I got to chill out at the After Party enjoying my Cocktail :),I decided to stay a little longer,we enjoyed a bit of dancing  (I was freaking tired in the end) when we finally left in the early morning  ........At the end of it all the  show was a success i must say.

I thank FAFA for the wonderful opportunity,Looking foward to more exciting opportunities :)........

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Monday, 5 May 2014

Getting Rid Of Chapped Lips

Flaky lips! I probably get this too much  that i try avoid lipstick as much as possible.... :) but i sort of got some kind of solution for such episodes..........Enough of peeling lips.What you need is pretty much basic

*1 tbsp Olive Oil(Got the "ideal" brand  at Ebrahims ) alternatively i use the pietro's extra virgin one any is okay.
*One teaspoon of Sugar

Mixed the two (olive oil and sugar),rub it on chapped lips severally for a few minutes,then rinse it with warm water and you good to go & good to apply your lipstick.

You definitely feel the difference

Monday, 3 March 2014

"Those Closet Dayz"

Ever had those closet days where you realize you have a closet full of clothes but nothing to wear? well that's definitely me this dayz....been feeling very uninspired  and too bored to come up with outfits lately & that explains the not blogging till  when i feel like.....not to despair though ,

went ahead and did a lil bit of impulse buying on the weekend(i shop a lot when i'm kinda idle) just to spice up my closet,i feel like i've worn everything but i'm sure someone else would say something different haha..

this has caused me alot of time since i find myself taking ages to dress up,am thinking of being more organised when it comes to dressing up,and maybe come up with an outfit like a night before the next day -Bad habit

Then i remembered i have a blog....Thought of doing  something small to keep the blog going,came up with some of my old favourite outfit pics  i've done before

I will be back soon
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LOvely day:)

Monday, 3 February 2014

Weavy List

Are You weavy? lol

I know several stories have been told about weaves and blabla,how men are against them ,how unatural and 'plastic' and dirty they look & many more tales but heeey! i have never been against them (well except that i hate the "shinny" ones i prefer an almost natural look)and that hasn't stopped me from weaving my hair.....after-all  people will always talk.

I know some that have never tried weaving because they have no clue on which weaves to try  on or start with...well here is a list and my own views of weaves i've tried on or i know of that i consider good  that might give you a heads start or an idea on what to put next

i always make sure i remember each name of weaves i put in my hair.....

Weave 1-Fashion Idol Shake Curl-well defined & strong curls that last for ages when well maintained

Weave 2-Diva(angels)-The weave was very soft ,i must admit at first i thought i'd ruin the curls when i combed it but after, i loved the fluffy,smaller curls i was able to achieve

Weave 3- Victoria -Also a common one,loved it! i remember a lady stopping me to ask me about it,weaved half leaving hair all round which made it possible for me to achieve several looks as you can see.

Weave 4- Xpression's Indian curl(Loved it much ,looked so natural,washable and i remember i even set it again in the dryer)

Weave 5- Nature's Indian Wave which i'm currently rocking.Loved the texture at first very comby till i washed it thinking it would still retained it's texture like no.4 LOL...i noticed it changed the texture and became kinda hard to comb at the edges.Weave 5 is also the one below when held back looks lovely yeah??

I Love Indian Weaves

Weave 6-(Mamu)Darling's Celebrity Collection-Quite simple,bobish ,looks very natural and it comes in quantity,awesome texture and pocket friendly considering it's texture and quality if you want something simple go for it.

Weave 7-  Fashion Idol's Tina...which is kinda bobish,i would recommend it  for starters for a simple look.loved the colour which had a little bit of gold strands

Weave 8-is among the most common weaves i know It's a flat Iron a 10 in inch which can be found in most cosmetics shops in Cbd(best lady,super cosmetics,ebrahims,........just to name but a few,it comes with different lengths too.

Have you tried any weave that you would recommend?
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Sunday, 2 February 2014


My first post in 2014 yeeeey!....Wore this a couple of days ago currently obsessed with my semi sequin blue blazer paired it with a polka top that's somehow croppy

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