Sunday, 22 April 2012

Whats in my Jewel Box

Buttons are so on right now its like every girl owns a pair ,i love them though,they are quite simple and cute people got used to the usual long earrings and are now opting for these simple beauties
;this is what i own;Awwww i loooove my babies

Am a big fan of earrings one thing i cant leave the house without i loooove shopping for earrings infact i avoid going to places where they sell earrings when my chums are so down because i know i'llbe tempted to buy....think i can start a business with my collection..hehe i treasure my earrings alot if one pair is lost it dissapoints me.Here is what is in my jewel box....some are very old bought them a while back but i still love them.

The below ones are one of my favourites  ; ) they are long and classy...

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