Friday, 11 May 2012

ThE Skirt- PART 1

Am not too much of a skirt person but am learning to wear them slowly i find them flattering when i see others pairing them with cute tops and belts.......i tried 3 different looks didn't look too bad like i first i even thought the skirt looked funny but guess i fitted it when my stomach was really full after lunch but i later found it okay think i'l buy many more others....bellts are so good with skirts especially the pencil skirt they make the waist look smaller...especially to those with potties ; ) coz it hides them a bit especially when you wear high waist...short skirts look better with tights,stockings,leggings whichever unlyk with longer short i mean slightly above the me i find it uncessary to wear tights,or stockings with long is what i came up with;

Tried xo hard to make the pics go straight dont know wots up nqt!!!!!

blue top-town   

bought the striped shoes at 300/= baab in the streets of Nairobi..

BLUE AND RED great combi 4 nyt out

Blue top-150/=.....Ngara
Pencil Skirt-250/=......Ngara

My fav look Simple and very Chic;

White tee-----Ngara
Brown belt----Courtesy of Mom
BlackDoll shoes-ngara

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