Saturday, 22 September 2012

DIY..... Don't throw away short pants/ jeans that don't fit you lengthwise!!

Am soooo excited doing this post cause i loooove the new look on my blog i actually renovated it myself and edited most of my posts especially the pics u can know review my older posts and notice i've made the pics more large & clear....

You don't have to throw away your jeans just because they are small lengthwise because you have outgrown them as long as the waist still fits you can always renovate them and make use of your can use any material you  wish with different prints.

i did a little DIY on this black trouser it was short so i thought of putting it at knee length and give it an african theme with some ankara print material that i found idle in the house..... The pics are not soo clear the cam was really jamming today but here are the pics:


Its very tiring doing this alone so i'd advice one to use a tailor if not well turned out very nice when you see it at a clear version stay tunned for more pics on how i am going to wear it........

Sorry about the unclear pics i even tried using the web cam on some of the pics really tried .............

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