Sunday, 16 December 2012

Missy in Bowties :)

So i got exams today on a Monday and i  feel relaxed yeah hope i have read......i think i have hehe and i am blogging when i am supposed to be doing my final touches oooh well exams won't kill me anyway this is what i tried on  yesterday,i was actually trying out this look and i pulled it of, apparently safari com network has been so annoying of late so i dint get to post this earlier when i had my free time........

Red denims & Checked red bow tie.

And the Sun was really on my case it could not stop shining that's the reason behind the glittery and bright pics......

My DIY african print clutch and banglez made by proud me :)

Well that's for today gotta go read,
Happy holidayz Readerz!


  1. I really love this outfit and like u am so into bowties. U have an interesting blog by the way.X

    Take care.

  2. thanks for stopping by doll, lemme check out ur blog too:-)