Thursday, 7 March 2013

My Nairobi Fashion Week Interview

Heey readerz,

So the other day i went for the Nairobi Fashion Week intern interview which was kinda tensing for me,obviously coz it was my first ever interview  i have to admit i was shaky at some point....i also had a long day just before that day and i slept late.

I was also excited as well and felt i needed some support considering the interview was to be in a casual place at the Java, i decided to ask my good friend Victor to tag along.

We reached the place at around 9:50 and it was to start at 10:20 so we had some time to chill,ordered coffee and even had time to interact with others who were also there for the interview,

i was kinda sleepy though and the thing actually started at around 11:30 after waiting and waiting but it was worth it.... hope i did good mmmh i tried anyway, that would be a really great opportunity for me and i pray so hard i get this exciting job:)and i would do it wholeheartedly!

I will be posting photos on what i wore on the interview i did not get time to post photos was in a rush and felt sooo  beat by the time i got home,&oooh yeah i think i did a great job on the outfit and will be wearing more of skirts now.........

Oooh here are the photos;

Purple,green and white low heels
I love the tulip purple print top,i buttoned it all the way up i find
buttoning all up sooo cool these dayz and i will
be doing more of such looks

Do feel free to leave a comment below;


  1. This is a cute look and i love the colours. I hope you get/got the internship! Thanks for dropping by my blog.

    1. Thanks for stopping by too glad u liked the look:)