Wednesday, 10 April 2013

My Hunt oN UniQue Earrings

Hello Readers,

I know its been long, I've been caught up with a lot of school work and i hardly get time to take much photos but I'm almost having  my holiday soon still got my end semester exams coming in 2 weeks ......i will be having lots and lots of  exciting posts coming ;)

I don't know where my liking for bigger earrings went to but lately i prefer studs to hanging ones,old age? lol i really don't get it but i used have a thing for hanging earrings and had the habit of buying new pairs every week, i know most ladies are into buying lots and lots of shoes but earrings  are  sort of my  thing.

I can't stop buying studs of late,i plan on getting unique pairs rather than the normal boring is what i've bought so far...............

French horn studs,:) couldn't stop taking photos of this lovely ones;

sorry about the blur photos my cam was acting up!

Something fruity to go;

Safety pin shaped stud with star detail;

African Print Button studs;

Will be posting my next new batch soon!
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  1. these studs are so cool, like you said most ladies are mostly into shoes, hi hi lol, i am one of them lol, honestly i feel in love with all of these studs you have posted here. I am your new follower via Gfc No 6.
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    1. Thanks for stopping by kim glad you liked them:) i checked out your blog....i love your hair do on your latest post now following.Your blog is awesome will sure kip in touch

    2. Thank you so much, just checking on you if you have got any new post.
      kisses.. New post