Sunday, 2 June 2013


A bit on the shows side.Anyone whoz a series junky like me?? i love watching when i discover something with an interesting story line here is what Edna loves to watch;:)

Love suits,love the way these two guys are all suited up and all confident in what they do:)

My all time favourite FRINGE...loved it to bits though i never liked the ending and the fact that it ended!

And Nikita the all toughed up lady...... love the action&drama in this

And Touch With only 2 seasons it was really short! but Interesting

And Orphan Black,I love thiis! and the kasima dredlocked  version....The Clones part of it too:) Great watch!

The following:The serial killer is a freak! geez!like the story except the killings hehe

And Finally to Comedies:
The list continues but here are just a few of my favourites

LOve ThiS:)Too funny not forgetting jess's fashion sense
that i will be blogging about soon

And ofcourse The Big Bang Theory;

And locally haven't watched too many Kenyan Movies but there's one i would watch again & again-Nairobi Half Life

What are your favourite T.V Shows/series/movies?
Any other interesting ones you know?
Do leave a comment would love to hear from you:)