Monday, 3 February 2014

Weavy List

Are You weavy? lol

I know several stories have been told about weaves and blabla,how men are against them ,how unatural and 'plastic' and dirty they look & many more tales but heeey! i have never been against them (well except that i hate the "shinny" ones i prefer an almost natural look)and that hasn't stopped me from weaving my hair.....after-all  people will always talk.

I know some that have never tried weaving because they have no clue on which weaves to try  on or start with...well here is a list and my own views of weaves i've tried on or i know of that i consider good  that might give you a heads start or an idea on what to put next

i always make sure i remember each name of weaves i put in my hair.....

Weave 1-Fashion Idol Shake Curl-well defined & strong curls that last for ages when well maintained

Weave 2-Diva(angels)-The weave was very soft ,i must admit at first i thought i'd ruin the curls when i combed it but after, i loved the fluffy,smaller curls i was able to achieve

Weave 3- Victoria -Also a common one,loved it! i remember a lady stopping me to ask me about it,weaved half leaving hair all round which made it possible for me to achieve several looks as you can see.

Weave 4- Xpression's Indian curl(Loved it much ,looked so natural,washable and i remember i even set it again in the dryer)

Weave 5- Nature's Indian Wave which i'm currently rocking.Loved the texture at first very comby till i washed it thinking it would still retained it's texture like no.4 LOL...i noticed it changed the texture and became kinda hard to comb at the edges.Weave 5 is also the one below when held back looks lovely yeah??

I Love Indian Weaves

Weave 6-(Mamu)Darling's Celebrity Collection-Quite simple,bobish ,looks very natural and it comes in quantity,awesome texture and pocket friendly considering it's texture and quality if you want something simple go for it.

Weave 7-  Fashion Idol's Tina...which is kinda bobish,i would recommend it  for starters for a simple look.loved the colour which had a little bit of gold strands

Weave 8-is among the most common weaves i know It's a flat Iron a 10 in inch which can be found in most cosmetics shops in Cbd(best lady,super cosmetics,ebrahims,........just to name but a few,it comes with different lengths too.

Have you tried any weave that you would recommend?
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