Monday, 3 March 2014

"Those Closet Dayz"

Ever had those closet days where you realize you have a closet full of clothes but nothing to wear? well that's definitely me this dayz....been feeling very uninspired  and too bored to come up with outfits lately & that explains the not blogging till  when i feel like.....not to despair though ,

went ahead and did a lil bit of impulse buying on the weekend(i shop a lot when i'm kinda idle) just to spice up my closet,i feel like i've worn everything but i'm sure someone else would say something different haha..

this has caused me alot of time since i find myself taking ages to dress up,am thinking of being more organised when it comes to dressing up,and maybe come up with an outfit like a night before the next day -Bad habit

Then i remembered i have a blog....Thought of doing  something small to keep the blog going,came up with some of my old favourite outfit pics  i've done before

I will be back soon
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LOvely day:)

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