Sunday, 26 August 2012

The Black sheer bubble dress top.....

I bought this sheer dress top a while back and i have never actually worn it i was waiting for the perfect sunny weather to wear ot since its sleevless but with this unpredictable wheather this days i might For months.

Anyway,i got tired of waiting and finally wore it with my two satchel bags that i totally love,grey tights,black booties and,purple flats here are the pics....enjoy....

There goes the second batch of pics.......;

I had lots of fun taking the photos,i am actually growing  liking for black and white (grey effect ) photos i added some this time round...........

Sheer dress top-(Ngara)
purple flats-(Ngara)
blue and red cross bags-50/= each(yeah that affordable)
ankle boots-=(Ngara)
grey tights-=(Ngara)
blue belt-=(Rosambu market)

From me with lots of love,
Edido baibe!!!!!
Looking forward to doing more posts

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