Monday, 1 July 2013

Daily Routine

I've never really been the make up type of girl at all.... infact i once told my mom who is a fun of make up that i will never wear lipstick but with all the red lips am seeing this days i actually found myself buying lipstick.

I'm not quite cormfortable just yet wearing lipstick i do apply at times but end up getting bored and wiping it off before the end of the day hehehe

They say every girl should atleast have a routine for taking good care of her skin well, this is what i do everyday.....

-I have struggled with  acne since i was in highschool but atleast i've  seen a  change and i have slowly outgrown it,not that my face has become perfect i still get break outs.

My mum recently bought me this Neutrogena cleansing soap for acne prone skin which is basically for oily skin and it works wonders i would highly recommend it for anyone with oily skin,my face feels sooo clean  and less oily when i use it.

I use it twice daily
Available at Super Cosmetics at around 700bob
Though i'd still complain about the price because of it small size

I use Tea Tree Creme to moisturize.......i actually use it on my face and the whole body as well.....its a great use also available in Cocoa Butter

Available at super Cosmetics at  600 bob

For my mini make up and shinny nose, i use Veryme foundation and no time for shine powder both are Oriflame products.i don't use the foundation daily but when i do,i only apply it in areas where my skin tone is uneven.

Available at Oriflame
Alternatively,i use st.Ives blemish fighting for cleansing
Also available at Super cosmetics or Uchumi

A lil BitOut of Topic
Had to Share this!
Such shoes exist hehe lol Came across them when surfing

What's your Daily Routine?
Would love to hear from you
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