Monday, 19 August 2013

Red Official Dress

Busy :)........sometimes am all dressed up so nicely but the day ends and i realized oooh i should have taken photos and i forget anyone having one of those dayz?

I recently went shopping at Mtindwa Market  with my freinds for some of the clothes that i will be selling online when i close school for holidays,since i'm still new to this stuff i got really tired shopping around which got me thinking,that i need ideas of where i can instantly get awesome secondhand clothesto sell,quality and affordable got any ideas? do tell/comment.

Here is one of the many dresses that is ON SALE that  i got to buy and style,i will be uploading at least one outfit per week since the clothes are too many....

My model today is Jackline who makes an awesome model! had fun taking pics;

Official Red Dress 
Size 10
For Short Fit(height 5'7)-Model is about  5'7
For medium Length(height 5'5 0r 5'4)
Price 400 Ksh
Comment for contacts if interested in purchasing or Fitting
Free Delivery around Town

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