Wednesday, 9 January 2013

My Sweet Tooth Addiction ;)

So am finally blogging about food wow :) anyway my sister came home with this extremely tasty biscuits/cookies(chocolate filled) that i really enjoyed and  i had to share this.....i had to buy it again and again.

I actually shared a pack with my classmate who kept on asking what it's called and where i bought it but i could not remember the name of the biscuits,it really has a weird name though lol and it's my new crave i had to blog about it.........

Tatbeni halk biscuits is the name

Cant get enough of these yummy!

Almost forgot.I added a few more colours to my DIY banglez that i am still selling and the african print banglez are also still available i got alot of customers last year hoping to sell can always comment if you wish to buy or can also reach me on facebook.....

Lovely Day Readers!


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  2. Heey Thanx a lot for reading the blog and for the feedback:)