Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Work/Casual look

I have been searching for old stuff in the house mostly clothes that belonged to my mom that look fashionable and can be worn in this era......they say Fashion repeats itself  and i am a true believer :).

Too bad she gave out the ones that would have fit  perfectly.

 The orange/brown bag belonged to my mom till she ditched it ,it's a really old piece though,she doesn't carry it around anymore i actually got it from her old stuff.It's a keeper:)

African ladies got booty LOL ;-)

This is a nice office look for a weekend at work,you don't have to go all official.
I wish i did a photo without the sleeveless sweater,i was running out of poses gosh!

How do you find this look?
feel free to leave any comment, Thank you.

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