Tuesday, 8 January 2013

StriPes,Red & Leather

Hello readers and thanks for stopping by :),

Hope your all good and happy new year,this is actually my first post this year so am really excited that i made it to 2013 how did you spend you new year?would really love to hear from you so do leave your comments.....

So apparently my blog has been having problems such that it's difficult for people to follow my blog through their twitter accounts but it actually accepts a follow  through your emails and blogs so am really trying to figure out whats up

In any case, you can check at the side bar of the blog and press the icon "follow this blog" and you can follow the blog through your emails.......thankyou.

Apart from that i've made a few changes to the blog like the live feed and the awesome Befunky photo editor that my lil siz introduced me to that i am using and you should try on you photos and tell me how you find it..

These are photos from last weekend,and this is what i wore,

My new H&M Heelz Love Them!:)

How do you find this Look?feel free to leave a comment.
C you in my next post.....
Lovely day!

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