Sunday, 20 January 2013

Pink &Polka Dots:)

One of those days u get bored indoors and decide to play dress up.....this is it,this is what i wore that day,my dad came home with this awesome Nikon camera from a friend and we could not wait to try it out taking pictures i didn't quite get the model of the camera but it did take great photos

My polka dot skirt and a pink top,i did a bun with my hair and tied a blue head scarf to add colour actually an easy style to add to your hair if you want a simple look to avoid braids from dropping everywhere on your face...

Speaking of hair, i am undoing my braids and thinking of cutting it short and do a perm ION i really miss my natural hair been dreaming of what i would do with it since natural hair has been back on trend and perm so not the in thing LoL i should get rid of the perm soon though.

I wish to have twist outs and high puffs with my natural..........anyway these are the pics enjoy

That's it for today lovely people
c u in my next post xoxo

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